Civil law regulates relationship between citizens, emerging at private and legal basis, mainly ownership, inheritance and obligation law

Basic legislation: the Civil Code, the Family Code, Civil Procedure Code, Executional code

In applying legal rights it is always good to have a person erudite in this field on your side, while a brief consultation before the implementation of significant legal act can prevent later severe problems and deterioration of interpersonal relationships and even family relationships. Ever since the ancient world it is said that good contracts make good friends. We provide defending the rights and legitimate interests of customers, whether professional advice, ensuring non-judicial or judicial Redeem (the applicant) or judicial defense (defendant) clients' rights. We represent clients in enforcement proceedings or proceedings relating to the implementation of the rights under the Family Act (eg. The proceedings on divorce, alimony, placed in the custody). The judge hearing the case, it is also easierif the participants are represented by lawyers since the hearing is usually conducted objectively and no need to address the deficiencies that often arise when the person appearing before the court without an attorney.