Advokát JUDr. Namir Alyasry PhD.

Namir Alyasry attended the Faculty of law of Comenius University in Bratislava in 2001 - 2006, which was completed by passing the state examination and gaining Magister degree (Mgr.). In 2007 he completed rigorous examination and defence of rigorous thesis and consequently was awarded with the academic law degree – Doctor of Juridical (JUDr.) In 2010, after completing the law practice of articled law clerk, he completed the attorney examination. In 2006 – 2011 he attended the postgraduate study at the Paneuropean University, Faculty of Law, where he taught law as well. The postgraduate study was completed by defence of dissertation thesis and award with the academic degree Philosophiae doctor (PhD.).

Has been registered in the register of advocates of the Slovak Bar Association since 2010 with the assigned license number 5347.

Advocate is fluent in English and German.